The Entrepreneurial Child

At every milestone of my life, business has featured prominently. I was obsessed with the American Girl Guide to Business while all of my friends cooed over Molly and Josephina. Forget about their dolls, I wanted to learn how to capitalize off of lemonade stands, babysitting, and dog walking.  My favorite, “game” was called Sell Things With My Friends. At age eight, my friend, Hattie and I, went through all of my parent’s old CD’s, made a charming sign, and sold them to a nice lady in her Bush-era SUV. She asked about three times, “Are you sure you should be selling these?” and though we weren’t sure, we confidently smiled and took $20 for all 50 CD’s.

A few months later, I convinced my friend Julia, to co-found a smoothie stand in front of my house. We used all of my parents expensive organic yogurt and frozen fruit to make truly delicious smoothies. My elderly neighbors, Doris and Mildred, must’ve stopped by at least three times each and told their friends. We definitely had a niche market.

My most hilarious business venture was the ice cream bike. It deserves an SNL skit. Our master plan was to bike around and deliver ice cream. We took a freshly purchased carton of ice cream (thanks parents!), and strapped it to Julia’s bike. Unfortunately it was so challenging to perfectly get the ice cream on the bike and draw a beautiful sign that we forgot bowls and cones. We ended up sweaty, sitting in a park about 10 minutes away from my house, passing around the carton of ice cream.

Today, I haven’t changed. I’m trying to work for other people, but my entrepreneurial streak isn’t fading anytime soon. I have too many ideas to just pick one and yet, picking one is what I have to do. My wise friends remind me, “life is long,” and Marie Forleo reminds me, not everything has to be a business idea.

Only time will tell.

-Cora Kessler



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