Funemployment (and scene)

tarot-psychic-neon-imgNo one knows what the future holds. I’m trying to take a note from the great philosophers and enjoy the journey. This a VERY rough scene I’ve been working on for a show called “Funemployment”.


Set the scene: Two best friends, Elle and Catherine, live together in a NYC apartment. Elle has recently quit her job. Chaos ensues.


Elle laying in her bed, looking at her phone and the date comes up, June 1st. Rent due. She sighs and pulls out her checkbook and writes $1200.

“This sucks” as she posts it on the fridge.


No one else is home so she has a dance party and dresses up the cat. Bakes yummy food and redecorates her room. Smokes up with her dealer (guy from High Maintenance). They make costume for the cat together.

She then goes down the youtube rabbit hole of “self help”. Watches Oprah, weird spiritual vids, and then her roommate comes home to see her in gym clothes laying on the couch, the cat still dressed up and Britney Spears playing quietly from her solo-dance party (earlier).

Her roommate, Catherine, looks around, shoes away the weed fumes, and tries not to judge, plainly says, “How was your day?”

Elle answers, “great actually.. once I paid rent. Not working is actually cool.”

Catherine: But you’re applying for stuff, right? I mean this isn’t sustainable. Also, the longer you’re unemployed the less likely you are to be hired.

Elle: I mean, I’ll get to it for sure. It’s only been a day. The thing is, I’m finally doing stuff that I never had time or mental space to do when I was locked into that corporate schedule.

Cath: Eyebrow raise/smirk

Elle: I’m cooking again! Feel free to have a cookie. Also, I caught up with an old friend– in the daytime.

Cath: Yeah, your dealer?

Elle: Fuck you.. He’s a cool guy. Don’t be jealous because I was smoking up and you were–

Cath: –making money. I was making money for fund my future goals like buying a home. Let’s see I was busy Adulting and you were busy being Funemployed. (cracks open a Kombucha) Anyways, I don’t mean to be hard on you. I get that it’s a hard time and you need a break, but I’m worried you’re being complacent.

Elle: plainly says–Check out my room, I redecorated.

Cath: (peaks into Elle’s room to see the bed risers placed under the desk legs creating a shrine) What the?

Elle: Cool right? I’m adopting a spiritual practice. I want to find work mindfully so I don’t end up in another shitty job. I’m trying to manifest the right job for me. I’ll send you some of the mindfulness videos. So inspiring!

Cath: No.. that’s okay.

Elle: Well you do yoga, it’s similar. There’s this one YouTube channel called “Unicorn Angel Love.” I didn’t follow everything she said about aliens, but she made some good points about unifying the world and manifestation. I think I’m gonna get an angel card deck.

Cath: This sounds interesting. Anyways, I have to go to yoga. It’s been a crazy stressful day.

Elle: Oh yeah? Gary in accounting giving you trouble again?

Cath: How did you know? (smirk)

Elle: Just a feeling, I guess. Well remember that you can always quit.

Cath: I’m going to yoga. (door shuts)

Elle to kitty: You would do the sensible thing and quit Mr. Cutie right?! Thought so. (Deep sigh..)

Pt 2: The downside to Funemployment

Elle looks at her credit card statement and quickly slams her laptop shut. Runs to her desk-shrine that she has named “Paula” and burns sage to “purify”. She keeps chanting “Money is not real,” “I live in an abundant world,” “I define my worth”. Then proceeds to tear up.

Cat (with a hat on it) comes in and sits in the shrine with her, tea lights on, candle lit, music playing.

Phone lights up with a Craigslist response.

—Ending credits song: Funny Not to Care by Lake Street Dive—-


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